Food/Ice Cream

  • Get the Scoop (ice cream)


  • Join the Team (baseball)
  • Don’t Strike Out
  • Hit a Home Run with PTA
  • Be Part of the Team


  • Watch Us Grow (each class has its own vegetable for a display board)
  • Help Us Grow (tree in school lobby is filled with apples representing membership)
  • Be a Part of the Bunch (grapes)
  • Reap the Rewards (Harvest Theme)


  • Invest in Children (piggy bank)
  • Invite, Involve, Invest

Olympics/ Go for the Gold

  • Winter Olympics
  • Olympics
  • Go for the Gold (Olympic or rainbow)
  • Pot of Gold


  • Building a Better Community
  • Lend a Hand
  • Help Build a Strong Foundation


  • Pirate Treasure
  • Our Children-Our Treasure (Pirate Chest)
  • Every Child a Treasure
  • ARRR You Ready to Join? (Pirate Theme)


  • Space/Flight/Balloons
  • Soaring with Eagles
  • Up, Up and Away (balloons)
  • Blast Off to a New Year (space)
  • Come Blast Off With Us
  • Blast Off to Learning
  • Reach for the Stars
  • Marvin the Martian
  • PTA is Out of this World
  • May the Membership be with you… (Star Wars Theme)


  • Wagging Your Way Through PTA
  • Bee a Part of PTA
  • Millie the Millipede
  • Be Part of the Wolf Pack
  • WHOOO can Join PTA? (Owl Theme)


  • Zoom to Success (race cars)
  • Route 66
  • Hop on Board the Membership Train/Bus
  • Dragon Dash
  • Race to the Finish


  • PTA Rocks (using gold and platinum records)
  • Hollywood Stars
  • Starzy (Hollywood/Oscar campaign)
  • Roll Out the Red Carpet
  • It’s Showtime! And You’re the STARS of the Show!
  • Survivor
  • Come Join the Big Top (circus)
  • Be Part of the Adventure (Adventure Theme)


  • Dive into PTA
  • Catch the Wave, Join PTA
  • Raise the Tide
  • Catch the Birney Wave
  • Ride the Wave of Success
  • SS Membership
  • Sail Away with PTA
  • Get Hooked on PTA (fish)
  • Fishing for Membership


  • Reach Across the World
  • America
  • Uniting a Community
  • The Wild West


  • PTA- Your Voice in the School
  • Let Every Child Be Heard


  • Don’t Delay-Join PTA
  • Smile, Join PTA (incentive smiley ball)
  • Join Our Family Tree


  • Celebrations and Making Connections
  • PTA- Where Do You Fit In? (puzzle pieces)
  • Stay Connected
  • Membership is One Piece of the Puzzle
  • Connecting Families and Schools


  • You are the Key to PTA Success
  • Carving Keys to Success / Unlock the Future


  • Footprints Worth Following
  • Let’s Get Moving into Membership
  • Dance into 2018


  • Painting a Brighter Future
  • Every Note is Important (Music Theme)
  • Use Reflections Theme all year


  • Be a Part of the Team
  • Better Together
  • It Takes a Village

Make it….

  • Make it Happen
  • Make Your Vote Count


  • Kids are the Heart of PTA
  • The Magic of Membership
  • Super Hero – Join the League
  • Mad as a Hatter
  • Inching Your Way to PTA
  • PTA Wants You (Use Presidents’ Quotes)
  • Get PTA Fever (Thermometer Theme)